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A fast, simple, transparent solution built in partnership with leaders in innovation.

Combining rapid simulation and education

Reform for Me allows you to provide answers to your clients’ toughest reform questions by working with them to simulate their options and visualize the financial impact of different decisions.

A next generation tool for a new healthcare landscape

The platform is easy to use, optimized for iPad, and cloud-based, making it easy to deploy in the field. Stay current on the impact of healthcare reform on employers, employees, and the choices they have available to manage those impacts.

A record of success

Reform for Me is already successfully used by health plans across four states, contributing to over $100 million in sales and renewals. It is a proven and valuable resource for sales professionals wanting to engage and support employers as they plan the future of their health benefits.

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Simulate the impact of reform

Quickly determine and assess options in all 50 states to model the impacts of reform to employers and their employees.

Stay current with real-time insights

Achieve real-time insights in a changing landscape by weighing trade-offs, adjusting parameters, and instantly viewing results.

A fast, simple, transparent solution

Utilize a valuable and proven, cloud-based resource for sales professionals to successfully engage and support employers.

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